Last Updated - September 09, 2017

Winnipeg's most popular drunk food is Pizza. For independent restaurants, the top drunk food is also Pizza.

pizza pizza

Drunk Food Analysis

It's 1 AM on a Saturday night and you're looking for food. If you're not pregnant, you're probably drunk :) This project compares the drunk food scenes in North America's biggest cities. The analysis used Yelp to find low cost restaurants open at 1:15 a.m. Saturday, September 09, 2017. Not every restaurant has accurate hours in Yelp, so this data isn't perfect. You can see more details in the About page. You can also check out the overview of all cities.

City Drunk Food Rankings

How does the drunk food scene in Winnipeg stack up to the rest of North America?

Number of restaurants44(53/57)
Number of independent restaurants28(50/57)
Percentage of independent restaurants63.6%(26/57)
Restaurants per 10,000 residents0.7(55/57)

Winnipeg has 44 drunk food restaurants, ranking it number 53 out of all 57 cities included. The city with the most drunk food restaurants is New York with 1077. Winnipeg ranks as the number 26 city in terms of independent drunk food, with 63.6% of the drunk food restaurants being independent.

With a population of 663,617 Winnipeg has 0.7 drunk food restaurants for every 10,000 residents. Las Vegas has the most drunk food restaurants per person with 9.3 for every 10,000 residents.

Food Categories

These two graphs show the most popular food categories for late night drunk food in Winnipeg. To get this category break down, the smaller Yelp categories were combined into a few big categories. For example, Japanese, Ramen and Sushi all fall under the 'Asian' category. The first graph shows food categories across all restaurants in the city (including chains), the second shows only independent restaurants.

All Restaurant Breakdown

All Restaurant Food Category Breakdown

Independent Restaurant Breakdown

Independent Restaurant Food Category Breakdown

Restaurant Category Variety

The graph below gives a sense of the variety of drunk food in Winnipeg. Appearing in the top right indicates higher variety.

Restaurant category variety plot

There's a lot going on in this graph, here's how to read it:

Top Franchises

These are the top franchises open late in Winnipeg.

Boston Pizza4
Tim Hortons4
Montanas BBQ & Bar3
Pizza Pizza2

More Drunk Food

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